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My Approach

I take inspiration from the Emmaus Road story in the book of Luke, chapter 24, for my
caregiving pattern. To paraphrase the story following Jesus’ resurrection, two disciples
walk along the road, discouraged and downcast. Jesus, in a display of profound
empathy, comes alongside them as a companion to inquire about what they are
discussing. Surprised by his question, the disciples say, “Haven’t you heard?” Jesus’
response is, “Heard what?” From there, the disciples tell what is happening in their
hearts and how they struggle with their faith. Notice that Jesus doesn’t say, “Hey guys,
it’s me; no need to be discouraged,” nor does he give them a quick, fixed answer.
Instead, Jesus walks alongside them, hearing their hearts, and then speaks scripture to
their story in their faith.


My approach is to listen and discern with those I walk alongside, seeking the Lord’s
invitation in their current circumstances or struggles. I share the scriptures cautiously
and appropriately with grace and mercy, knowing the Word is a lamp to our path,
leading us to Truth. Spiritual care involves recognizing that we have a unique story
through which we can connect with God.

Jesus doesn’t meet us where we are “supposed” to be or where we “used” to be. He
meets our present tense. He listens, knows, and speaks when two gather in His name.
It would be my joy to come alongside you where your life and faith come together.

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