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A Sojourner's Walk

My journal entry this morning went something like this:

Lord, no one really understands my walk with you, nor should they. I try at times to explain where I feel you are leading, what you are doing, and how I sense your presence. I get some weird looks, some who seem surprised, and some who seem to listen intently with curiosity.

Lord, sometimes I feel like I am fishing for affirmation or confirmation that I am on the right track. Maybe that is what others feel about me in such conversations. The reality is that as I grow closer, seek clarity, and step forward toward you I am finding more of a sojourn experience. I know that you are always with me. I also know I need brothers, sisters, worship, and church to be the “banks of my river.” At the end of my journey, I stand before you. I am not sure what that day will look like but I wonder if I will understand just how much you have been involved in my life; speaking, guiding, protecting, and mostly how deeply you love me.

Lord, I don’t want to cop a quick attitude towards those who don’t understand my walk with you. I know this relates to my insecurities and ironically, I know I have done the same to others around me. Hmmm…

I ask Lord that my sojourn would be graced by your love for me to see, treat, hear, and think of others as you do, no matter what their sojourn would look like to me. You are the One working in the lives of those around me. Who am I to critique your work? If I could reflect your gracious gaze toward them I know we will both be blessed. Teach me Lord to sojourn in a way that honors you, and love others well until I see you face to face.

A Sojourner’s walk is an ever-increasing longing to be known as we are known that one day will be satisfied in our heavenly home.

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