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Closing the Books of 2023

Wow!! What a year for me and Pastoral Care 4U. This dream started over ten years ago, and the first year's books are closing—what a fantastic year.

First and most importantly, I wish you a beautiful Christmas this year and an excellent 2024. I know and have heard how this time of the year has many good and bad feelings. I pray God would restore the bad to good for each of our lives. If possible, let us put our emotions aside and consider the gift of Christ to our lives and the world. He is the most excellent invitation the world will ever know ~ that I will ever know.

Second, I want to thank you personally. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement that have strengthened me to step away into this new adventure for my life. I have no idea where this will lead, but I feel most confident His path is set before me. It has radically changed my faith, hopes, and joy in this season of my life, and it's just the first year! I especially want to thank my wife and family - my biggest fans. I want to thank my wonderful church community; their support has been amazing. I have so many dear friends who nudged, spoke into my life, and encouraged my faith to step out of the boat onto the water. I am truly blessed.

I want to thank all those who have entrusted their care to me this past year. I have been honored to see how God has spoken, liberated, and encouraged you. "I am deeply moved by witnessing all this, and words cannot fully express my gratitude. It's like feeling whole, filled, and deeply satisfied knowing I get to be a part of these beautiful moments with you and others. Thank you to all who have donated and contributed funds for others who had no means to have undivided attention and care for their lives and faith. Thank you, Choices for Women, for allowing me to care for your staff and to present to your volunteers 'Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being from the Scriptures.' What fantastic work each of you do, day in and day out. Thank you to the churches that have invited me to preach, teach, and give support to pastors, church leaders, and your congregations. Gosh, this has been wonderful.

As the books close for 2023, I will have just under 280 sessions scheduled through December this year. I have had approximately 20 presentations and teachings and 10 opportunities to preach here in Indiana and Idaho. The best compliment anyone can give me is a referral. I am grateful to all who have shared the work of Pastoral Care 4U with others.

The two words that deeply have impacted me for 2023 are "Beautiful" and "Hard." I have more profoundly understood that these two words are the guardrails for my faith. Faith is beautiful as I continually discover Christ's beauty in others, community, creation, and His faithfulness. Faith is hard because it invites me to trust Him when it is difficult to see through the fog. It is hard to let go of those things that once felt so secure. It's hard when those around you don't understand. Sometimes, it's just hard sailing alone. Faith is beautifully hard, giving me so much life and adventure.

I look forward to the new relationships, churches, non-profits, new clients, group work, and the return of those I have journeyed with this past year. Thank you once again! I am grateful for each of you. My prayers are for you! I wish you a joyous Christmas and a year of faith and blessings for 2024.



PS: If you prefer not to be on the mailing list, please let me know I will remove your contact. No worries :)

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"Faith is beautiful. Faith is hard." Yes and Yes. Not hardly beautiful. But beautifully hard. The ability to see the beauty in the midst of what is hard is a gift of God. and the hard is only hard because we resist what is good and beautiful. Thanks for your life and the life of God in you. You bless us all! ~Paul

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