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He Speaks

I recently listened to the media covering the horrific shooting in Nashville. One segment was an indirect mockery of individuals who hear Jesus speaking to them and how absurd it is, and that it is the definition of mental illness. This assessment is to be expected from a worldly perspective. As believers, we believe God speaks to us in a general sense, but if we make it personal, it is almost shared with a hushed posture. There is the thought of seeming weird, or out-there.

Christ spoke to the masses and individuals through his Word, longing for all to come toward Him, to participate in the life He freely gives. John 6:37b “…whoever comes to me I will never cast out.”

Faith is authenticity with God in whom we believe, trust, and look to for our lives. ~ The woman at the well heard Jesus directly speak into her story. It turned into a response of worship. She was so moved she proclaimed the news for her whole city to hear. ~ Jesus walked down the road and looked up into a tree to see Zacchaeus, and said, “I am going to your house to eat today.” ~ Jesus speaks to one of His disciples who was comparing himself with another, “If I want him to stay until I return what is that to you?” ~ Jesus speaks to all, “Follow me,” then and now. And to the rich your ruler, he said, “you lack one thing, sell all you have and follow me.”

God speaks through His creation, His Word, and individually to people then and now. If this is true, how is He speaking to us?

Humans are complex. We have stories mixed with dreams, disappointments, relationships, unplanned events, illnesses, blessings, and uncertainties. The Guardian of our souls (1 Peter 2:25) knows what needs to be said when we need to hear it in all areas of our lives. This is reality.

The Lord speaks to us in the context of our own individual lives. Words of Christ to me will not mean much to you without knowing my story, but He knows – it is life-giving. God doesn’t have a cookie-cutter relationship with any of us. The Artist of each of our lives sees His beautiful intention and speaks, drawing his intentions out to be fully lived.

It is usually that one point or verse that speaks most deeply in our hearts when listening to a sermon. You will hear someone says, “He was reading my mail today,” or “that was directly for me.” He is God; He knows what we need when we need it, opening our eyes, and ears, with the understanding that fits perfectly in our lives.

God speaks. Our lives are intended to be lived with Him in daily interaction, listening, sharing, responding, and living. God is the God of the living.

What’s He saying to you?

If you would like a space to sit and openly consider how the Lord is nudging you, I invite you to reach out to me. It’s a place where there is no judgment or criticism. It is a place of discovery, curiosity, and honest considerations in faith and life.

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