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How it all started

Why Spiritual Direction? Here is my story. Approximately three years ago, I had a traumatic experience that was deeply life-changing. I was shocked by my soulful response. This response propelled me to seek answers so I sought out a Spiritual Director to process through it with faith and honesty. Sitting in the presence of another, whom I call “Saint Owen” in jest, was like a sounding board that allowed me to freely process my thoughts and feelings with openness to God’s presence in a prayerful conversation. His presence wasn’t passive or aggressive with quick answers, but rather a place to wrestle forth what God was saying to Rob. There was very personal and ordinary conversation often with tears and sometimes laughter. It was life-stimulating and changing so much that I was able to hear new invitations from the Lord. One of my invitations was to shift my career to allow that same space to sit with God and another. It is with joy that I am privileged to sit in a life-giving dialogue between the three of us.

You don’t have to experience trauma or crisis to seek direction. Sometimes it is realizing there is an invitation for more, but are unable to put your finger on it.

If this presence is what you are looking for, this is your invitation. Let’s set up a free thirty-minute consultation.

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