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Money Answers Everything…

As we were driving back from Boundary Waters, Minnesota from a week of fishing I noticed the expense of life. I noticed the luxury cabins, dually trucks with nice boats, and people purchasing so much to fish with; us too. I realized the skyscrapers of Chicago were filled with people working hard for a life they long for or just to make ends meet. The expressway was filled with thousands of cars zipping in so many different directions about the busyness of life. The evidence around us attests to the dependency, the drive, and the need for money whether for an ordinary or extraordinary life. As I was typing this, we were passing a truck carrying two vaults for two people leaving this world. Life happens and it comes to an end at some point that awakens us at times. This day matters, and how my days are spent sums up the totality of my life.

I say all this because the love of money can easily become a huge distraction as if it is the treasured gateway to a fulfilled life. Scripture clearly says that the love of money and income will never be satisfied. Let me be very clear here, money is not evil, nor are possessions but, not kept in check, these can become a hamster wheel for my life. As a matter of fact, anything I love other than God first becomes a hamster wheel for living. We identify with what we love and what it does for us.

I don't have a theology of poverty, but one of stewardship of my heart. My heart has the capacity to hold many things. My priorities guide how I see my possessions, my loves, and the use of my money. Can God trust me with what He has given me to be held properly in my life? This intentional soul work starts daily with God. To be honest, I can easily become distracted following anything shining placed in front of me. Everything in life starts with God because He is the Author of all life.

When my center point in life is on Christ, meaning, living as Him being my treasure, I seem to have a contentment with life that's priceless. Life feels full here for me. My relationships seem more meaningful and peace resides deeper within me. Scripture clearly says all things were created by Him, for Him, and through Him. Hear this - by, for, and through Him. This means me and my life. This being true establishes my starting point for keeping things in their rightful order.

I'm not conveying that this is easy and really nothing is easy in life that is meaningful. I have to be intentional - living with intent and direction! This is the importance of the practice of discernment in our lives. The more I use my spiritual muscles, keeping my priorities in a rightful order, the more contentment will reside in me.

A vault isn't feared in a life that is content.

Life is good! Money does make the world go around and we need it to live. Our jobs, our gifts, and our means of making ends meet are our gifts and thankfulness is our response. Those extraordinary opportunities are gifts too and these gifts come from the One that loves us the most. Our means and money need to stay in their rightful place in our lives to live a fulfilling and content fun life. God answers everything, not money or possessions. He's first in all things and everything else follows in our daily practice.

If you need a place to sort out a conversation along these lines reach out for a chat.



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