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I have a great deal of respect for the nurses, CNAs, and each discipline at the hospital. They are all amazing in and of themselves, no questions asked. Healthcare work is very hard for all and it’s pretty much a non-stop day until the end. I worked with one particular nurse (a personal hero) and one day we talked about the power of prayer. In the atmosphere of busyness, trauma, and unpredictable stress prayers are on-the-fly.

The thought was that there is no real-time for prayer when the hospital is spinning. I asked her how quick she needed to respond to each need. She thought for a bit and said, “I have a few moments. I can’t be Johnny-on-the-spot for every need.” I invited her to consider taking a moment to pause, breathe, and mentally regroup, with a brief prayer to express the need she left and what she was walking toward. There is no need to be wordy in such prayers here; one-word prayers can be the most honest. She looked at me with consideration and I encouraged her to give it a try. Later, I remember how much this rhythm of praying got me through the day as a chaplain.

The pattern seemed to take off for her. She later told me how that pause, which we called a “Holy Pause,” empowered her with a sense of peace and brief rest. During COVID we would encourage each other of the importance of the pause(s) for the day.

This is true whether you are working at home raising a family, leading your own business, retail, or starting a ministry. We all need our ‘Holy Pauses’ throughout our day. When we pause and pray we are realigning our reality under God’s, saying in essence, “Lord I need you here.” That ever so slight of moment re-centers a sense of calmness, reminding us that we are never alone. It’s acknowledging Him in all our ways at the moment with a trust He will direct our paths.

Take a pause now, tell Him about your moment, your concerns, and what’s ahead for you this day. As you go throughout your day and that little reminder pops into your head to pause, know the invitation is from the One who loves you most, saying, “Here I am.”

Be still (pause), and know that I am the Lord. Psalm 46:10a

If you need a longer pause to sit with another to process life and faith, here is my invitation to you.

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