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In my previous blog I mentioned a seminary professor asking our class, “Does God know where every ant is at this moment?” It seems to be a ridiculous question but the scripture tells us something very similar. He, God, has numbered each hair on our heads and He knows when every sparrow falls to the ground. (Matthew 10:29-30). Is this for real?

He cares immensely for His creation, for you, and for me. Yes, your hairs are numbered. If He knows us this closely, He knows everything we are focused on. When we step beyond our rationale in an act of faith, we notice things differently.

Consider this…

God doesn’t want us to throw our rational ways out the window with diminished faith. Rather, He desires for our faith to move through our rationalizations to believe. Standing in the boat, Peter said to the Lord, “If it is you Lord tell me to come.” Peter stepped out of a safe boat to walk on the waves with Jesus. Our rationale is like the boat and when we see Jesus leading us, inviting us, or calling us, He is calling us to step toward Him. “…Because anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that he exists and that he cares enough to respond to those who seek him.” (Hebrews 11:6b) This is foundational for us as believers, and even if this is shaky faith we can pray, “Lord, I believe, but help me with my unbelief.” The movement in discernment starts here, heart to heart and life to life in relationship with our God.

He knows absolutely everything about you ~ your frustrations with Him, your love for Him, and all your uncertainties. He knows about, cares about, and desires to move on your behalf. He desires more than just “fixing” our circumstances, rather cultivating a deeply satisfying relationship with Him. This is where we are completely satisfied with all things. He knows how important the concerns are and how deep the disappointments have been for each of us. They matter! He is mindful of each of us. In His mindfulness, He is desiring our hearts to be saturated in Him.

Discernment is understanding God’s direction for our lives from our relationship with Him. There is nothing bigger than the God who created all things and who is mindful of each of us ~ every ant, sparrow, and hair on our head.

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