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Vulnerability is the beginning

I inquired about personal training to tone and strengthen up a few years ago. I thought it would be just a matter of grabbing some weights, or jumping on a machine and getting after it. This was not the case. The assessment had to come first and it made me nervous. I failed the assessment. I was exposed! I was weaker than I thought and someone else knew it.

Vulnerability is a scary invitation, but it’s the beginning of change, life, and growth. It is a starting point to move forward. I have to know where I am before I know where I am going. Vulnerability is a place of acute awareness of parts or all of our life. There is a natural propensity to shy away from such awareness. It reveals my need for help.

Jesus says, “that a bruised reed he will not break nor will he quench a smoldering wick.” There are people around that will care for us when we feel bruised or smoldering.

Jesus goes on further in another passage saying, I will turn no one away who comes to me. Coming towards Christ and others takes the courageous step of vulnerability. It is honestly seeing ourselves as we are and turning toward Him and others for help.

Deep and meaningful relationships are marked by vulnerability, honesty, and presence with one another. This is who Christ is to each of us and it’s safe. He is humble, gentle, and meek at heart. Many people have been hurt by others, church leaders, family members, etc…that trampled a place in our hearts. The Lord desires just the opposite.

When we have been hurt when we were vulnerable our defenses were down because we thought we were safe. In those moments someone’s sharp tongue, judgmental tone, and actions caused us great pain. This causes us to be hesitant to be vulnerable with others, and sometimes even Christ ~ rightfully so.

There is an invite of courage and healing here. It’s through the path of vulnerability, first with Christ, and a trusted soul. Without vulnerability, humanity lives in a very lonely, isolated place and we live, without anyone really knowing us ~ We all want to be known.

1 Corinthians 13:7 says, “In that day we will be known as we are known.

God’s story is much bigger than our story. Yes, we can choose to continue in our story, but His story is of healing, redemption, and hope. Job says, “I know my Redeemer lives and one day He will stand upon this earth.” When we meet God’s mercy, grace, and love in our vulnerability new life begins. This is the rhythm of journeying with Christ.

When we live out this rhythm with others a deep intimacy will occur producing life and change for both parties. We can’t do this with everyone but if we have just one or two people to journey with it will change our lives. It is God’s plan. It grows into a deep communion with God and others. I know this to be true.

If you need a safe space to step toward vulnerable places in your life I encourage you to reach out. His presence will oversee our time together. His love is immeasurable to you.

~Good Friday is the day Christ exemplified true vulnerable to all~

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