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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I receive companionship?

Companionship sessions are set according to your desire.  Typically, I meet with people either once a month or bi-weekly, although some have chosen weekly. 

How much does a session cost?

I charge $75.00 for a sixty-minute session, however, if that is not affordable for you, we can determine an affordable amount for your sessions during our consultation.

Is Spiritual Companionship counseling or therapy?

This is an important question. Spiritual companionship is neither counseling nor therapy. Spiritual companionship focuses on your faith and life. It is about your relationship with God and how you live that out in the ordinary and extraordinary days of your life. 

Are there different ways for us to meet?

Yes. I meet with people in my office, via Zoom, and by phone.  If it is a personal chaplain visit, I will meet you in the context of your choosing.

Will you meet with anyone from any walk of life?

I believe each person is created in the Imago Dei - the Image of God.  The journey of companionship is drawing out His image in our lives to see His beauty in each other.

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