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Is God that BIG?

A few days ago, a dear soul to me was given the news that her job was ending. She also found out the area in which she was hoping to possibly land another job was not available. Needless to say, this was devastating for her. She thought things were going in the direction she hoped. Even though she was receiving encouraging words from others, her tears fell with her thoughts, "What is going to happen, what should I do?"

Yesterday, she was talking to a friend three thousand miles away during her daily walk. She was lamenting about her circumstances and fears regarding how things may or may not work out. Her friend was encouraging her through the experiences of this dear soul and how God has worked in the past. Her friend was encouraging her to 'just believe.' The dear soul kept on and her friend pressed even all the more to "believe, God has you and He will work this out." As the walk continued and the conversation of reality and faith continued to transpire, she came to a stop and looked down to find a blue-painted rock that had white lettering that said, "Believe." My dear soul was shocked, stunned by the reality of that moment, and her friend miles away rejoiced with her when those words of encouragement were confirmed.

Is God big enough for this to happen through these very unusual circumstances? Could it be just a consequence that the dear soul took that particular path that morning for her walk? Could it be a consequence of the three-hour time difference where her friend lived that she was available to have this talk and to repeatedly encourage her to "believe?" Does God really work like this? Do I recognize such consequences as God or fate? Is God really that BIG?

If God isn't that big, it makes Him, the Creator of all things, who holds all things together smaller. To say God is that big is to derive meaning from every little detail in my life as a "God thing." This could get spooky...just saying but there is much hope in this posture. How do I interrupt such as this dear soul shared with me?

I think wisdom needs to bear witness here. If I go searching behind every nook and cranny for God's meaning, I think I could live in the land of Spookville. On the other hand, if I live my ordinary life towards God and others, moments like these will happen in my life. That awareness at the moment is God's way of saying, I am here, I know you and I am with you. Our response is to believe in those moments. Our eyes will see in the ordinary moment, and we don't have to search for them to find them. I can wait on the awarenesses that comes from the Lord when I "notice" that I "notice" such things. My posture is "Lord, speak your servant is listening." These moments are when I can take great comfort that God IS just that BIG! He is actually bigger than we can grasp. He is infinite.

As you discern your life, His Word, His voice, and His leading is promised. The scriptures say that He makes the seeing eye and the hearing ear. He knows all the chapters of our story. He knows what we need, when we need it, i.e., a blue-painted rock that says, "Believe." He holds each one of us who believe and He promises to finish the work He has started. He loves you and says, "Fear not, for I am with you always."

If you need space to discern how God might be speaking to you, let's sit and chat. My consultations are free and it would be a joy to hear your story.

Peace friend,


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